Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why SeleraHouse is ur choice?

Being a mother and a wife, we always have to crack our head to think what's the meal of the day. Frequently, when I just about to ask, hubby stop me...Ok! Ok! Let me think first!...Fuhh! to decide on the menu is really a though job now days! Of course it's not possible to prepare everybody's favorite at one time, furher more with 6 kids like mine. So does to those family who came to SeleraHouse, always either the father or one of the kids will ask for ala-carte menu.

Aware of this demand, start from October, SeleraHouse also offering Ala-Carte menu which consist of a range of rice, noodle, mihun and kuetiau dish, set of 'nasi putih' with dish (either grilled item, tomyam, soup, chicken, beef, squid and prawn). Set of Yong Tau Foo, Sotong Kangkung and Kerang Rebus are also a part of the list.

SeleraHouse also offering wide range of mouth-watering ice-cream dessert menu.

Below is SeleraHouse Menu...specially for you...

+ GRILLED MEAT + SUP( Grilled Chicken Or Beef : Black Pepper / Java / Tandoori / Curry / Terriyaki / BBQ / Mixed )
+ AYAM/BEEF (Chilli, Kunyit, Halia, Padprik, Lada hitam)
+ SOTONG (Chilli, Kunyit, Padprik)
+ UDANG (Chilli, Kunyit, Padprik, Lada hitam)

AMERICAN PLATTER( Toast & butter + Sausage + Egg + Baked bean + Vege )

Specially for ice cream lovers.....
PUDDING + ICE CREAM ( Assorted flavor pudding with 1 scoop of I/C )
DOUBLE SCOOP ICE CREAM + TOPPING ( 2 scoop I/C + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + wafer )
BANANA SPLIT ( 3 flavor I/C + banana + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + roll wafer )
HAWAIIAN DELIGHT ( 3 vanilla I/C + cocktail fruits + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + roll wafer )
PEACHY PARADISE ( 3 flavor I/C + peach + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + roll wafer )
OREO VAGANZA ( 2 vanilla / 1 choc I/C + crushed oreo + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + roll wafer )
CORNY COOL( 3 tutti frutti I/C + sweet corn + syrup + touch of milk + sprinkle + roll wafer )
PEARL OF THE ORIENT( 3 flavor I/C + sweet jeruk fruits + topping + whipped cream + sprinkle + roll wafer )
BLACK FOREST ( 2 choc /1 vanilla I/C + blueberry filling + topping + whipped cream + cherry + peanut + roll wafer )
SELERA COOL HOUSE( 3 flavor I/C + variety fruits + enau + sweet corn + topping + whipped cream + cherry + peanut + roll wafer )

Bon Appetite...Sherry AlJeffry.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New Updates!!!!

To our value customer,
For your convenient and hassle free dining, we would like to inform you that SeleraHouse is now accepting Visa, Mastercard, Amex credit card and electron charge card.... Please enjoy yourself with us.
Bon Appetite,
Sherry AlJeffry.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Salam Aidilfitri....

Happy Raya Holiday to my family, my muslim friends and customer...Selamat hari Raya & Maaf Zahir Batin. After enjoying holiday with family n relatives in's time for us to be back to our metropolitan world. Within our busy n hectic schedule, tradition having an 'open house' is the most convenient for us, our guest can be properly welcomed and entertained. And believe me 'openhouse' is the most waited event of the year.

Tired with the same dish n exhausted preparation every year, why not for year 2010, we have it differently. Let's SeleraHouse assist u with ur dream function. On top of our steamboat and grill selection, we can also provide u with a traditional dishes such as ketupat, lemang, rendang, nasi impit, laksa penang n even lontong also. Your special request is our pleasure.

BBQ Lamb/Beef are also available upon request. The grilling n serving will be done on the spot....specially prepared for u.

As SeleraHouse will be back to serve u on Tues,14 Sept10, we wish u a safe journey back to Klang Valley. Drive safely and always remember ur love ones.

Salam Sayang n Maaf Zahir Batin dari kami di SeleraHouse.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Ramadhan Ya Ramadhan

Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims out there...may our ibadah been blessed and multiple rewarded by Allah...

As for Ramadhan, we at SeleraHouse still operate as usual and sometimes even longer hours for our guest convenience. Our Surau located on the 1st floor welcome our guest with ready sejadah, telekung and fully air conditioner to ensure it Muslim friendly to our guest.

We still offering our promotional price RM19.90 (adults) and RM12.90 (kids) with additional kurma, kuih raya and our in-house juadah buka puasa of the day.

Salam Ramadhan Al Mubarak.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Family ..our life..our soul!!!...some will say tiring..some say annoying..some will say the most wonderful gift from Allah, and we, receiving this gift means we have the responsibility as a shape..color, protect and to love them.

Hhmmmm...being kids now days is very challenging...still remember our time those days..TV only started @5pm, no KFC (only in KL)so does McD and others fast food, no less disturbance kan?...time goes so slow... Still remember..every weekend it's a compulsory for either me or my sister to follow mom to 'pekansari',(fuhhh...such a boring, tiring and smelly trip) where she will enjoyed all these kampung vegetables even took the opportunity to learn new kampung recipe from the 'makcik' seller too!!..then for the day...for sure we will be a 'food tester' of the day n it's a must to finish it too!!! Thinking back of those days.. will our kids know..daun maman, pucuk leban, buah kerdas, buah rom, ikan sepat, ulam raja, daun cekur, pucuk gajus,pucuk mata itik, pucuk asam (masak lemak cili api with prawn..fuhh!!)...mayb some of us also did'nt know much of these kampung things or either had forgotten many of it.

Like it or not, our hectic life had played a big role in the type of food we choose.. Time is Money!! Most of the fast food restaurant is our's fast and a lot of varieties...this is what kids love most. Me..myself have this habit of reading the packaging/wrapper of every item we need to be a 'chemist' to understand the nutritious/contain %...and my finding always amused me...and my logic imagination scare me off on how many spoonful of salt/fat/sugar intake per meal as compare to it's nutritious value. This awareness gave me a wake up be a Smart Mother that able to make a smart give a smart food to produce a smart kids....fresh and nutritious food is my choice with less of fat/sugar/salt...a healthier kids..and healthier lifestyle.

Ikan bakar...sup daging..sup ayam is the most frequent recipes i did those days, hearing comment from kids..Asyik-asyik ini jer!!! (My kids is a good commenter, worst than their father!!)I started to study more of new style/new marinate for beef and chicken even soup for the to see the kids enjoying it (they still do!!). Compliments from hubby and children give me the strength that one day, i want to share this enjoyable moment with other moms out there...and here it is my dream..SeleraHouse Steamboat n Grills dream..and my love.

Dedicated this to my beloved Hubby and to all Mothers out there..Enjoy!!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Muslim's Restaurant

Being the Steamboat n Grills lover had made me realize on how difficult it is to get a Muslim's owned steamboat restaurant. My fussy taste buds and my love to a varieties of taste had troublesome me in choosing the right restaurant to cater my needs.. and now... to cater the muslim's need. Hhmmm...why not rather than only serving steamboat...we also serve grills..'bakar-bakar', it's gonna be fun is't it..!!

Alhamdulillah....SeleraHouse was successfully opened on July'3rd. We offer more than 50 varieties of dishes includes a range of steamboat items, 10 type of marinated beef and chicken for grills, seafood (crab, squid, prawn, cockles, etc), an assorted flavors of ice creams, pudding, fruits and free-flow drinks.

The best is it's BUFFET !!!...ALL U CAN EAT FRIENDS!!!

The Restaurant can occupied 52 people at a time, the fully aircond facilities is supported by an efficient ventilator system to ensure that we provide the most enjoyable environment to our customer especially your young ones. Kids will enjoy the self-grilling experience..the sizzling sound and the blub-blub sound from the boiling steamboat soup.

Our Operation Hour is from 11am to 11pm. Lunch hour are mainly open for Group Reservation. At 5pm, we are fully open for walk-in guest.

Our promotion price is also unbelievable... it's only RM19.90 (A) and RM12.90 (K), it's worth for every single me!!!

Our Location??? We are 5 mins from Tol Rawang, take left turn and we are just after Petronas and Caltex, at your left side. Our ample free parking space release u from any hassle of leaving your vehicle.

Come and join me in the journey of SeleraHouse Steamboat n Grills Restaurant experience!!!

Bon Appetite.

Sherry AlJeffry (012-684 3454) or Hazrin Ismail Shawk (012-656 3454)